Hurrican & Cleaning Tips

Tips to help save your porch or screen enclosure during a hurricane or severe storm.

- Make sure screen doors are locked.
- Make sure cables are tight.
- Check for rusty screws that need to be replaced.
- Make sure gutters, downspouts, and decko drains are free of debris for proper water flow.
- For strong winds, slit the large middle screen panels of each wall, allowing the wind to flow through.

Tips for cleaning your screen and aluminum.

- Combine one part bleach and one part water.
- Scrub screen and aluminum with water/bleach mixture using a sponge.
- DO NOT PRESSURE WASH - Screens will fall out.

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Screen Repairs

Having problems with your existing screen enclosure? We can help you with minor to major repairs needed on your screen enclosure including re-screening. With prompt and courteous service, we can replace torn and old screen panels, replace worn hardware and make any other repairs as necessary. We know that your screen enclosure was a significant investment and our service technicians can help you extend the useful life of your investment.


  • Pool enclosures
  • Lanais
  • Porchs
  • Sunrooms
  • Windows/Doors


  • Hardware Installation/Replacement
  • Cables Installation/Replacement